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The water feature comprises a large Bavarian Tufa stone monolith complete with four columns and four feature bowls into which water is poured from corresponding decorative spouts. The fountain structure has been sympathetically restored to its former glory whilst the systems serving the feature have been upgraded to a level expected in today’s environments.

Water is drawn from the underground water holding tank via a submersible pump and is delivered to the water feature via flexible pipelines contained within the monolith structure. The spouts eject water into the four bowls surrounding the base of the feature and from the bowls, excess water drains back to the holding tank passing through a collection chamber and grille set within the surrounding footpath. The purpose of the grille is to extract debris, etc. within the flowing water.


The submersible pump that circulates water through the water feature also circulates water through the filtration system housed in the associated kiosk situated within the garden adjacent to the pergola. The filtration system comprises a cartridge filter to extract suspended solids, a bromine erosion feeder to dose bromine and an ultra-violet (UV) filter. Bromine and UV are used to suppress bacteriological growth and to destroy viruses, etc. The kiosk also houses an automated water make-up system to replace water lost due to wind drift and evaporation.

Level detection sensors within the holding tank connect to relays within the electrical control panel and activate water make-up via a solenoid on the water main as required. The level sensors also act via further relays, etc. to disable the pump should the water level within the tank fall below safe operating levels, thereby protecting the pump, etc. by preventing dry running.


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