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During 2007, Gainsborough Town Centre’s disused iron works saw the site transformed into a mixed retail, leisure and
office development, forming part of a wider regeneration scheme within the town of Gainsborough. Formerly the Britannia Iron Works, Marshalls Yard now sees this once derelict and abandoned site turned into an area of shops, offices and leisure facilities.

At the station approach entrance, a seating area divides the surrounding with a newly designed and bespoke water feature designed and installed by The Fountain Company at it’s centre. The water feature is made up of 81 sub-surface aerating jets which form the centrepiece of the Marshall’s Yard peace gardens and piazza area, providing an area of tranquility and respite in an otherwise vibrant and energetic setting.


The feature display is created by a series of submersible pumps located directly beneath the plaza, each pump serves to displace water from the concealed pool area beneath, up to a series of jets equally spaced within the paving matrix. The display pumps operate through series of variable speed drives enabling the height and jet sequence to be controlled using a programmable logic controller (PLC) located within the control panel.

It was the responsibility of The Fountain Company to design and implement an effective re-circulating water system in-line with Marshall’s Yard’s Green Policy, the water feature benefits from a filtration and chemical dosing system which consists of a high rate sand filter with backwash facility, ensuring the removal of suspended particles and other debris and chemical treatment in the form of a bromine erosion feeder. Illumination is provided to each jet by a low-voltage submersible LED unit fixed into the base of each jet plate.


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