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During 2007, Gainsborough Town Centre’s disused iron works saw the site transformed into a mixed retail, leisure and
office development, forming part of a wider regeneration scheme within the town of Gainsborough.

Formerly the Britannia Iron Works, Marshall’s Yard now sees this once derelict and abandoned site turned into an area of shops, offices and leisure facilities.

The pedestrian route end of Marshall’s Yard now sees a new water feature in the form of two stainless steel spheres, the water feature serves to visually enhance this area of the development. Each sphere incorporates a riser fed within it’s centre, water then emits from the top of each sphere and flows down before being returned to the system via stainless steel collection troughs. The water feature benefits from the installation of LED lighting around the base of each sphere, illuminating the spheres and flowing water.


A local Plant Room provides housing for associated equipment. The water feature benefits from an effective filtration system consisting of a sand filter & chemical dosing unit, water is circulated via a submersible pump located within the underground holding tank and pumped through a high rate sand filter before being returned to the tank. A bypass flow pipeline diverts partial flow of the water through a chemical dosing unit in order to effectively treat the water before it is return to the tank.

The feature incorporates an automatic water make-up system, a series of level probes located within the holding tank provide monitoring and control of the water level. The system in controlled by a control panel located which is located within the plant room at high level.


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