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The newly developed Qatar Airways premium lounge at Terminal 4, Heathrow airport has been designed to resemble a 5 star boutique hotel or members only club. This Arabian style water feature adds to this calm and inviting atmosphere, creating a pocket of relaxation in this busy airport terminal.

As part of the refurbishment undertaken by Mace Limited, The Fountain Company Limited were commissioned to undertake the design and installation of the water circulation, filtration and treatment systems along with the stainless steel base structures, LED feature lighting scheme and central slate monolith works.


The water feature forms the centre piece for the newly refurbished premium lounge area. Water is circulated over a slate monolith set within a star shaped raised table in the centre of the lounge, water emits from a sump set within the raised slate section and washes over the edge of the circular monolith, the water then flows in to a collection trough via a small gap set between the raised star shaped table.

The water flowing down the sides of the raised slate monolith is visually enhanced by submerged stainless steel LED lighting fittings set within the collection trough and projecting up on to the wall of the slate, the agitation of the water surface within the collection trough over top of the LED lights creates movement of shadows on the falling water enhancing the display.


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