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The St George Tower in Vauxhall is arguably one of the most luxurious and prestigious developments within London. The entrance to this gated development opens up to an area of raised planters and water walls flowing into pools that surround the entrance to this 5 Star residential development.

The water feature sits at the foot of the development and enhances the approach to the main entrance.

Comprising a number of GRP lined pools either side of the entrance footpath all linked by various weirs and buried pipe lines and featuring an efficient, filtration and water treatment system. The water feature is operated by a control panel housed within an an allocated plant room in the car park below.


The main focal point of the water feature is the water wall to the right hand side of the Tower entrance and backing on to the river. The display pump draws water from pool 3 and fills a concealed GRP lined stainless steel channel in the top of the water wall from which water subsequently cascades down the wall face. The display pump also delivers water to Pools 1 & 2 via pool base inlets adding volume to generate sufficient flow over the serrated weirs into Pool 3.

The water wall, pools & weirs are all illuminated by white LED submersible lights controlled via the plant room control panel and are strategically placed so as to enhance the water feature particularly during the hours of darkness. The water feature benefits from an effective filtration system all of which remains concealed from view in the plant room within the underground car park.


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