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St George Wharf in London is an iconic riverside development which incorporates residential and commercial units on the south bank of the River Thames, beside the Vauxhall Bridge. The complex comprises over 1,100 apartments, as well as offices, retail units and restaurants. At the heart of the development sits a newly designed and bespoke water feature which provides the main focal point and blends aesthetically into the surrounding hard landscaping.

A oval shaped pool is dissected across the shortest axis by a weir and stepped cascade. The upper area of the feature contains a total of twelve aerated white water nozzles.

A state of the art filtration system together with PLC controlled variable speed driven pumps combine to provide a dynamic and animated display. Wind speed and level control monitoring ensure continual operation.


The jets provide a display height of up to 1.0m and form an arc approximately 1m in from the pool wall. The operating height for the jets is 250mm; however a simple control switch on the control panel fascia will allow the display height to reach up to 1.0m.

The height of the fountain jets is automatically controlled by a series of variable speed drives linked to the display pumps and a programmable logic controller provides a display sequence during operating hours.

Additional upper pool inlets ensure that sufficient flow over the weir is maintained at all times. The circulating water from the jets and supplementary inlets flow over the weir and down the cascade and into the base pool.

All associated equipment has been installed within a plant room located whiting the underground car park.


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