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The Clifton Park Water Play Area forms part of an extensive Park regeneration scheme and replaces a smaller paddling pool that existed on the same site. The water play area comprises of four interactive elements:

Water Jet Rings – This feature element comprises three spray rings set around a central point, each ring is supplied by a separate pump unit, each incorporates a variable speed unit for operation sequencing. The display is set to operate under the control of a pre-programmed sequence allowing each ring of jets to rise and fall to varying heights.

High Level Water Jets with Motion Sensors – This feature element consists of three sets of three single water bore spouts rising up to a maximum height of 5m, the display operation is created by a water switch set within each group of three jets and triggered by the activation of a motion sensor fixed within a surface level housing adjacent to the nozzles.


Water Spiral and Water Rill – A simple pump system circulates water around a high level play channel incorporating weirs and water gates which meanders down into a central spiral patterned water coarse providing a tranquil interactive area away from the more dramatic fountain effects.

Paddling Pool – A simple paddling pool area retains some of the old facilities original concept, allowing bathing within the water play area. The system incorporates full drain down of the feature at night, when the park is shut, the capacity of the underground holding tank was designed for normal operation and storage of the pool water during shutdown, however full bypass and control is included to allow filtration and treatment of the stored water during this period.


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