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The West Grotto is one of the four rockwork features in Avenham and Miller Park built by in 1867 by nationally renowned landscape artists Pulham & sons, based in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

As part of the wider development of Avenham & Miller Park, The Fountain Company Ltd were commissioned to restore the West Grotto to it’s former glory. The Restoration of the waterfall display includes a new pumping system which provides the circulating water for the system.

A remote sensor panel allows the public to initiate lighting sequences, change lighting colours and regulate water flow over the water feature cascades.


Returning water flows through a series of protective strainers before returning to the pump chamber.

The Lighting scheme a incorporates 9 submersible LED lights set within the pools and projecting up into the falling water. Twelve additional light fittings are located within the path area and surrounding flower beds and project light up on to the decorative rock formations adjacent to the feature.


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